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Sustainably Sourced Seafood Benefits our Planet

AND Our Franchise Owners!

When it comes to seafood restaurants, you may think only two types exist: snooty, white-tablecloth, jacket-and-tie establishments that cost an entire paycheck, and greasy fast-food joints that serve deep-fried mystery fish. That’s where Shuckin’ Shack comes in. We’re more flip-flops than cufflinks, but you can bet the quality of our domestically-fished, sustainably sourced seafood beats even the most fancy-pants place in town…and we’re a hell of a lot more fun!

sustainably sourced seafood franchiseOne of many things we love about Shuckin’ Shack is that our seafood is domestic and sustainably sourced. We care deeply about the environment and are passionate about conserving it. So much so that we have been recognized as an Ocean Friendly Establishment, thanks to our partnerships with the Surfrider Foundation and Plastic Ocean Project.

We also work with the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch Program and the Oyster Shell Recycling Program.

The various foundations, projects, and programs we work with all do different things to protect our environment. For example, the Oyster Shell Recycling Program works by taking discarded oyster shells from diners and using them in oyster reef restoration projects. The recycled oysters are put back into bay waters so that they replenish and restore reefs, and then these oysters can then be harvested and sold to restaurants!

If you’re interested in becoming a Franchise Owner, you might have a few questions about sustainably sourced seafood, so don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

What the Shuck is sustainably sourced seafood? 

Fishing for seafood, which here means any aquatic animal that a human would kill to eat, has some problems. The world’s fish population is depleting because of overfishing, and the amount of plastic in oceans threatens to overtake fish by about 2050. 

Most wild fishing uses a method called trawling (using a huge net to catch seafood), and it disturbs the seabed, ruining underwater plant and animal life. This method also catches a lot of trash, and results in bycatch, where aquatic animals that weren’t intended to be caught are caught.  

delicious sustainably sourced seafoodBecause the nets used are so big, bycatch will always happen. Animals who weren’t targets end up caught anyway, like dolphins, whales, turtles, sea birds and many other species of fish that will not end up being eaten as seafood. The bodies are often thrown back into the ocean, usually dead or dying. 

Just picturing the colossal amounts of death, waste, and damage to the environment are chilling.

Overfishing occurs as well, with money motivating how much seafood is caught rather than how much is actually available to catch in order to keep ecosystems healthy and balanced.
Many species of seafood are fished to or even beyond their maximum sustainable limit, and this means that they will take sometimes decades to recover, if ever at all. 

If species are heavily overfished, food chains go out of balance and then affect food webs, which in turn can destroy whole ecosystems! Looking after aquatic species means that not only are our underwater friends preserved, but so are we and the planet.

What makes sustainably sourced seafood different? 

Sustainably sourced fishing ensures that there is ‘enough’ seafood left in the water where they were fished from. ‘Enough’ here means that the population of that seafood can continue indefinitely, and that the remaining population can continue to be productive and healthy. 

Fishing activity also has to be carefully managed so that the other species and parts of the ecosystem that the seafood interacts with can be stable.

Sustainably sourced seafood also looks after the livelihoods of fishery-dependent communities, which is why we know not only exactly what we serve, but where our fish come from and the name of the fishing boat used to catch them. In some cases, we even know the name of the fishing boat captain!

Sometimes fisheries also use aquaculture to make sustainable seafood, which is where seafood is hatched and raised to market size. This allows wild fish to do their thing without the threat of overfishing. This seafood grown by aquaculture can be used for food, nutrition, and even pharmaceutical applications. 

How can you benefit from owning a sustainable seafood franchise?

own a sustainably sourced seafood franchiseOur seafood is a hell of a good time, but we want to make sure that the animals’ wellness and longevity as well as the livelihoods of our friends who are smaller parts of the fishing industry are protected. The obvious benefit of being a Franchise Owner with us is that you’re caring for the environment and the future livelihood of seafood when you own a sustainable seafood franchise. Keeping the numbers of seafood healthy will keep ecosystems, farmers’ livelihoods, restaurants’ businesses, and countless other enterprises and people’s lives thriving for many, many years to come. 

This means that the health and wellbeing of our beautiful planet is looked after but you can still provide your customers with some Shuckin’ good food, guilt-free. 

Here at Shuckin’ Shack, we’ve got a real good thing going on. Amazing seafood that’s sustainably sourced, award-winning meals, and a great experience all wrapped up in an accessible, vacation-vibe dream. 

We’re passionate about serving quality, fresh-caught seafood but without the frills. Our casual dining, world-class oysters, and cold beer (colder than the hearts of people who don’t care about sustainable fishing) bring folk from all over the U.S. and then some!

If you’re interested in providing some sea-riously amazing food to a whole lot of people, then come on down to our franchise website for more info!