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Seafood Franchise Opportunity


Seafood Franchise Opportunity

An Opportunity like no other!

When you open a franchise, you get the benefits of being your own boss without the drawbacks of having to do it alone. We join with you from the very beginning to help you with everything from training your employees to decor to continued corporate support for the entire lifetime of your business. Instead of starting from scratch, you get to join our lively, welcoming family that will help you find success!

Now is the perfect time to invest in a seafood franchise

Right now, interest rates are incredibly low and there are many options of cool, prime location real estate. As the rough winds of the last few years begin to calm,it looks like we’ll all be on smoother waters once you are ready to open your Shuckin’ Shack!

Shuckin' Shack's seafood franchise interior image.

What makes Shuckin’ Shack a good investment opportunity?

Joining the Shuckin’ Shack family is a sound business investment. For starters, you’ll have next to no competition! There may be lots of fast-casual dining options out there, but Shuckin’ Shack is one of the only options focussing entirely on the delicious, high-quality and sustainably sourced seafood. We go above and beyond to make sure that whether you’re on a coast or enjoying the rolling hills of the Midwest, you’re given access to the best oysters, lobsters, crabs, and fish we can provide.

Americans love seafood — and seafood franchises. In 2017, 9.9 billion pounds of fish and shellfish were consumed in the United States, and 70% of that seafood was consumed in restaurants. Reports show that more than half of customers prefer to eat their seafood in restaurants, and more consumers than ever are turning toward seafood as a part of a healthy diet. We serve a market eager for options but without many to turn to, which means more for your bottom line! In fact, even during the Covid-19 pandemic we were able to stay in the black with our restaurants earning an average of almost $1 million and we are already on the way to a record breaking 2021.

More Than Just Shuckin’ Amazing Food!

Not only do we want to provide great food, but we bring great fun. No stiff greetings, no frills, no standardized looks for our restaurants. We want our guests to feel like old friends enjoying their favorite coastal vacation every time they visit. Ever received a hand-written “Thank You” note or a Holiday gift from your favorite restaurant? That’s the Shuckin’ Shack difference. We want fun-loving, passionate people dedicated to being creative partners with us in the building of your Shuckin’ Shack seafood franchise.

Our shared success depends on you letting your personality shine in your work, because our guests expect the best we can offer them. To do so, our restaurants provide a wide range of options for our guests from dining in, to take-home family boil kits, curbside pickup and delivery. We even offer take-and-make packages for our famous Bloody Marys! The quality of our food and service has earned us a number of awards, including being a certified Ocean Friendly Establishment. We do our part to take care of our oceans–our viability depends on it!

Do I need experience in franchising or owning a business to open a Shuckin’ Shack?

Not at all! Previous experience with restaurants certainly helps, but what we really need are people with a brain (some management and hospitality savvy), a heart (a love for people), and some courage (to think outside the box). We will be there to support you every step of the way whether you are a new or experienced Franchise Owner.

The first step is to enroll in “Shuck-U,” our exclusive training program that involves more than 140 hours of classroom and hands-on training for all our new business owners. In these classes, we’ll teach you all the basics, from finances and inventory management, to front and back of house management and everything in between. We help you find a great location out in the field with our dedicated real estate team, ready to help you not only with finding a spot but in designing it as well. We help you with your marketing plan leading up to your grand opening, provide Social Media support, give you access to our in-house graphic design team, and more. You’ll also get ongoing help from a network of other Franchise Owners, regular communication from corporate, and both global and local training to help ensure your success over time. We are dedicated to providing you the best so that you can be dedicated to providing your guests the best!

How do I get started on opening my own Shuckin' Shack?

First, you’ll complete our interest form. Then, we will send you more information about our business model so that you can decide if you want to dive into our Shuckin’ Shack crew. After that, there are two phases toward opening your new Shuckin’ Shack.

First, we focus on Education. This process includes:

During the Shuckin' Shack seafood franchises Education Process, qualification is the first step.


During the Shuckin' Shack seafood franchises Education Process, the initial call is the second step.

Initial Call

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, the unit economics is the third step.

Unit Economics

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, the FDD review is the fourth step.

FDD Review

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, the business model overview is the fifth step.

Business Model Overview

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, peer review is the sixth step.

Peer Review

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, Approval Day is the seventh step.

Approval Day

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, the executive interview is the eighth step.

Executive Interview

During the Shuckin' Shack Education Process, the franchise being awarded is the final step.

Franchise Awarded

Once your franchise has been awarded, you can begin taking steps toward opening your restaurant. These steps include:

The Shuckin' Shack beach icon represents brand training.

Brand Training

The Shuckin' Shack brick and mortar store icon represents real estate selection.

Real Estate Selection

The Shuckin' Shack clam boil icon represents training in Wilmington, NC.

Training in Wilmington, NC

The Shuckin' Shack serving tray icon represents training at the Owner's location.

Training At Owner's Location

The Shuckin' Shack clam icon represents phone calls.

Phone Calls Commence

The Shuckin' Shack drink cheers icon represents the Grand Opening.

Grand Opening

Don’t let the opportunity to get on board with seafood franchises pass you by. As about our franchise opportunity today!